Is my Face Red?

So….for the last 2-3 days, we’ve been concerned because we could not locate my wallet. We’d gone through the room thoroughly, including the safe, multiple times. Tore the room apart this morning and pulled everything out from under the bed, emptied bags, blah, blah, blah. Had our room steward do the same, same result.

You see where this is going, right?

So we dutifully reported the missing item to guest services. After filling out the report, they summoned Security according to procedure. After explaining it to multiple security officers, we consented to a room search.

Oh, the looks you get from people who see you walking flanked by the security officers, and the assumptions they make about why. I think I’m glad I have hearing loss, as I only heard one audible gasp and a whispered “security….”

(Never mind we were walking and talking normally with the officers and joking with them at times…) The most comical, though, was the waiter who came out the door from the adjacent crew area, saw the bevy of uniforms and hot footed it the other way. They got him turned around and let him pass 🤣.

Commence the room search, one person working on the storage hanging on the bathroom door and stepping into the bathroom only to have forgotten where the light switch was! After the housekeeping manager reminded her it was outside, I cracked “it’s almost like she doesn’t LIVE on a ship!

Her fellow officer was patting down everything in the closet, when I said “if you want to look in the safe, I can give you the combination.” (Unknown to me Roxan had left it unlocked this morning due to having her wallet with her.)

Two seconds later he emerges from the safe, “is this what we’re looking for?”

(Blush, uncomfortable laugh) “Um, yes sir.”

After we figured out where it was we discovered how one can lose a black wallet in a groove they don’t realize it’s in the side of the black, interior-lit hotel safe in the stateroom, everyone had a good laugh and we signed the search form, letting the good security folks proceed back to their real work 😝.

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