How’s the Progress?

Here it is the first of March and I just realized not only have I not posted an accountability blog in 3 months, I haven’t posted anything in that time! Much of the reason for the complete lack of posting is just the continued doldrums of seeming to always have bad news out of the cruise industry.

The wisdom of not scheduling a 30th anniversary cruise in June has definitely shown up, with Canada’s decision to close their ports to ships larger than 100 people. I find it interesting, to say the least, that the US is pressuring Canada to allow ships to dock but not disembark so they can meet the restrictions in a US law. Not that our politicians could do the actual right thing and repeal the provision of the Passenger Vessel Services Act that forces foreign stops for voyages starting or ending in a US port…

Ok, off the soapbox and on to accountability!

Weight Loss

I’m down almost 40lb since I started in November. I started losing at 410, and was down to 403 by the time I started tracking it regularly. As of this morning…38 lb lost!

I also set a personal record on my time to complete a mile. I’ve been working at or just longer thatn a 20-minute pace (20:30 or so), but Saturday for some reason I just kicked it and hit 18:30!

Learning Spanish

I’m up to a 108-day streak (I have used a few streak freezes along the way when life was just too busy on a day.)

Last week was an exceptional week there, too, as I finished second in my “league.”

Here are my stats and where I’m at progress-wise:

Overall, I’m pleased on the progress on both fronts. My SCUBA diving and Photography goals are still on hold, but that has always been the plan. I’m going to have some difficulty with the photography goal, because I lost my mentor on those skills to COVID just over 2 weeks ago. RIP, Steve.

I’ve also been lax in my goal of being more active in the cruise community. I’m working through how to re-order priorities a bit to enable that to happen. It being the first day of meteorological Spring in the Northern Hemisphere (astronomical spring is March 20 this year), it’s time for the annual rejiggering of my daily schedule due to severe storm season, anyway.

You’ll be seeing more posts soon!

Accountability: 05-Dec-2020

Earlier I committed to accountability around goals for this trip. We’re into a new month now and I thought it would be a good time to post results.

My weight

Starting (03-Nov-2020) : 403 lb
Today: 389 lb
Weight Loss: 14 lb
Average Weekly Loss: 3 lb/week

So I’m slightly ahead of goal, which is just over 2 lb a week. I’m sure I will plateau in some places, so I’ll take the higher rate this month.

Tools I’m using: MyFitnessPal to track calories and exercise, Noom to change my mental/emotional relationship with food, Google Fit to track workouts. I will buy a smart watch in a month or two so I can track more parameters like heart rate.

We’ve also signed up and just finished our first week using the Derby KS Recreation Center. It’s a great facility (see below, and about a 10 minute drive from our house. Currently we’re walking the track (half a mile a day), stationary bike (15 or so minutes each day on a weight-loss workout program) and some strengthening using the weight machines (mostly arm and back at the moment). We intend to add water aerobics after first of the year and probably some other activities as time goes on.

Derby Recreation Center cardio and weight machines. Used under fair use principles, orignal photo on as of 05-Dec-2020
Derby Recreation Center cardio and weight machines. Used under fair use principles, original photo on as of 05-Dec-2020

Learning Spanish

I’m using DuoLingo as my learning tool. Here’s the progress I’ve made:

The Present Tense section is the one I’m having the most difficulty with.


This goal will wait until late next summer or in the fall, when I’m in better shape.


I’ve not yet started on this goal

Be More Active in the Cruise Community

I’ve added several NCL-focused Facebook groups and posted a few times. Because of traveling for about 1/3 of the month and a big week work-wise last week, I’ve not been as active as I’d hoped.

And Speaking of Travel…

That 10-day trip started one week before Thanksgiving and I got home the Saturday after the holiday (a week ago today). I drove back and forth to California to help my best friend of 35 years get settled in his new home. I was driving and staying in hotels alone, and of course I wore a mask in public and followed each state’s restrictions and policies in effect at the time regarding distancing, etc.

Map of the trip. Tap or click the image or this link to look at it in detail.
The red markers denote where I took some photos.

I enjoy long-distance driving and seeing new parts of the country. On this trip I added driving and stopping in a few new states and areas: Arizona, the Las Vegas area, the Sierra Nevada mountains, and New Mexico. Some of the tourist destinations I saw included Wolf Creek Pass, CO, the Las Vegas Strip, and Ivanpah Solar Power Station in California along I-15. That was a neat experience. Full sunshine the morning I drove by, and for about 15 miles there was this brilliant shine in the sky. I should have stopped and gotten pictures. It’s the largest station of its type in the world as of 2014. The photos below are from Wikipedia and Google Maps/Street view.

By Dicklyon – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

The city in the bottom of the shot is Las Vegas, and this is almost an hour’s drive away.

About 20-22 hours of driving each way, most of it through areas I’d never seen from the ground. I’d do it again….and plan to at some point.

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