October 24 – At Sea

norwegian encore 9751511 2662473 xlarge.jpg

It’s a grey day, and seas are rougher than I’ve experienced before, a little over 11 feet. Wind is at our tail and we’ve been making very good speed. The rough seas were here the majority of the night, so sleep was fitful. Every once in a while there is a shudder or a bang, I assume this is something to do with the period of the waves and the length of the ship.

Our family situation is forefront in our minds today, as it is a day for some tough decisions back at home and Roxan is typically involved very heavily in these discussions because of her medical training. Broadly speaking, some decisions about end of life are pending, and there are scenarios in which we would need to fly home on short notice. We’re doing our best to not let the change in situation nose into our vacation, and maybe after today we’ll have some more certainty…either way.

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